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Opinion: Three Years After Irene

Written By Editor on 8/31/14 | 8/31/14

2011 marked a red letter date in Schoharie County's history.

Not only was it the year of great devastation, but that of great courage and resolve.

That August 28th and the weeks and months that followed showed tremendous emotion-- the shock and sadness of losing property and a way of life-- the joy of finding loved ones okay-- and the determination of working to assist neighbors or your own house or business.

According to SALT, 15% of those that were flooded will not be returning to their property. This has caused a large loss of population, tax value, and business up and down the Valley. However, it also shows that the vast majority of those flooded out have stayed and have been helped by volunteers and friends.

Schoharie County has partially recovered from the storm and its wrath. SALT is transitioning into a revitalization organization. Communities are getting back on their feet. None of this would have been possible without so many people and their good deeds. Out of the floodwaters came the blessing of each other's love.
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Tracy said...

Opinion: Three years after Irene we are still waiting on FEMA. I've had no contact from SALT except for the clean out of our basement. Even that was from the gentleman who felt sorry for us. I might have considered fixing our home if someone said to us there was help to do so. I've had many inquiries of interested people to buy, but the banks will not consider a mortgage for the location of the house. I personally, cannot go through another Irene. However, I am very concerned that some of us didn't receive some of the advantages of grants, SALT, etc... that others have.

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