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$650,000 in New Funding for Streamwork

Written By Editor on 9/29/14 | 9/29/14

The Schoharie Valley delegation of U.S. Congressman Chris Gibson, New York State Senator James L. Seward and New York State Assemblyman Pete Lopez joined to announce funding for a major stream rehabilitation project for flood prone areas of Schoharie County and to reduce the financial impact on Schoharie County taxpayers. 

Schoharie County is in the process of making major repairs to property which suffered heavy damage during the 2011 disasters of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.  The Schoharie County Emergency Watershed Protection Project will reconnect the flood plain with four streams – Little Schoharie, Line Creek, Platterkill, and Dave Brown Mountain Tributary – which all flow into the Schoharie Creek.  The repair work will mitigate future flooding and damage to residential and agricultural land.

The Schoharie County Emergency Watershed Protection Project is the largest stream restoration project currently underway in New York State.  The design, permitting and bidding phases of the project are complete, with construction expected to begin in mid-October.

To date, over $23.1 million in federal and state funds have been committed to the Schoharie County Emergency Water Protection Project.  Senator Seward today announced an additional $650,000 grant he has secured to assist with new project expenses. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) also announced an additional $300,000.
Congressman Chris Gibson said, “We appreciate the work of the NRCS team in helping keep this project moving forward and on track, as it is one of the largest NRCS remediation projects in the country.  We also Senator Seward for his work in securing additional funding, and the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors for moving forward with this vital effort.”

Senator James Seward said, “Schoharie County has worked hard to rebuild since being devastated by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee three years ago and we are making progress.  Redesigning streams and properly preparing for future disasters will help save lives, property, and money.  Unfortunately, such precautions come with a financial cost that is too high for a rural county already struggling to make ends meet.  Working collaboratively, we are able to draw funds from multiple sources to further help Schoharie County rebound without placing an added long-term burden on taxpayers.”

Assemblyman Pete Lopez, whose own family members suffered at the hands of Irene and Lee, said, “Too many of our neighbors remain at risk along the banks of these waterways.  Protecting life and property from future storm events relies on our ability to manage our creeks and streams to take the energy out of them and find places for flood waters to go where they can do the least harm.  All of us understand the costs of this much-needed work may be unaffordable to our community.  My colleagues and I gladly accept the shared obligation of bringing funding and other resources in to help provide relief.  None of our neighbors should have to live in fear.”

Schoharie County Board of Supervisors Chairman Tony VanGlad said, “Schoharie County is very appreciative of the support from Governor Cuomo, Senator Seward, and Assemblyman Lopez after storms Irene and Lee. It's great to know the state has our county's back. This funding will go a long way in helping us to repair these damaged streams.”

Schoharie USDA NRCS New York State Conservationist Greg Kist said, “We appreciate all the work of our partners to plan and prepare for these essential projects.  Schoharie County will be much better prepared for future storms when these stream repairs are completed and the collaboration from local, state, and federal sponsors will make these efforts worthwhile.”
Funding sources for the Schoharie County Emergency Watershed Protection Project include:

New Funding Announced Today
·         $650,000 – Senator Seward/NY State Senate
·         $300,000 – NRCS
Previously Announced
·         $17,801,137 – NRCS
·         $5,303,374 – Empire State Development
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