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Hanson Lawsuit Dismissed

Written By Editor on 9/5/14 | 9/5/14

A lawsuit launched by former Schoharie County Department of Public Works employee William Hanson was dismissed late last month. The judgement by Acting New York State Supreme Court Justice Gerald Connolly on August 21st backed the narrative of the County.

Hanson was suing over what he described as an intentional purge to remove him from his position and demanded restitution.

According to Judge Connolly, since Mr. Hanson was hired on a probation basis, he had less leverage in his case than a full civil service employee. The Judge declared that in this limited review of the termination as allowed by law, there was no legal standing to the suit. Connolly said that Hanson's own suit did "not allege that his dismissal was made for an improper or impermissible reason."

The Judge continued that probationary employees could be fired for "no reason at all" in court precedent. The dismissal also notes that Hanson's original brief admitted that he was a probationary employee, and in a second document contradicted his first story, stating that he was not probationary during his time with the County.

The judgement ended with acceding to the request of Schoharie County to dismiss the case and that Hanson's claims would be "dismissed and the relief in this proceeding is in all respects denied."

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