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Letter to the Editor: Set the Record Straight

Written By Editor on 9/17/14 | 9/17/14

One of the articles in the police blotter written about me is inaccurate. In the September 15 Cobleskill police blotter it says that I was arrested for a noise ordinance. This is untrue as the police came to my apartment, illegally entered during my friend's birthday celebration (who also is in the article as "arrested") and then wrote us a summons for a noise violation. We were never quoted Miranda rights or anything to signify being arrested. The responding officer told us that it was just a summoning ticket to find if we pay a fee or not. When my name is searched I do not want a false arrest appearing which slanders my name or the name of my friend, Alberto Vidales.

-- Patrick Pensivy
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Unknown said...

An appearance ticket is an arrest, technically.

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