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Opinion: Cherry's Astonishing Success

Written By Editor on 9/29/14 | 9/29/14

Last week the County Board approved a deal that will see Guilford Mills purchased, fixed, and reopened.

With 500-900 jobs created.

The negotiations to get GRSI to bring their business from New Jersey were nothing short of amazing. County Treasurer Bill Cherry took the lead and was able to sell Guilford in a fraction of the time than the Planning Department held responsibility for it.

There are many people to thank for this amazing project, including Assemblyman Peter Lopez. However, it must be noted that without the initiative and hard work of Treasurer Cherry it would have never happened. 900 jobs is nearly as many as the Interknitting facility once held. It would be an economic miracle for the area, now finally recovering.

There is no downside to this deal, so long as it is carried out. With negotiations already this far, a building complex re-appears on the tax rolls and Schoharie County will see reverberations for years.
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Cherry has indeed done a good job.
I personally can't wait to attend Mr. Singletary's wake ... the sooner the better.

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