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Opinion: Leadership in Cobleskill, At Last

Written By Editor on 9/7/14 | 9/7/14

The Village of Cobleskill is the economic engine of the County and a local transportation hub. Its business and political successes or failures affect the entire wider area.

Unfortunately, since 2005 the Village suffered a large leadership drought. Mayor Michael Sellers and his successors allowed many opportunities to pass by. This changed last year with the overwhelming victory of former Trustee Linda Holmes as Mayor.

Since taking office, Holmes has lived up to her promises, and then some. Then-Trustee Holmes promised to coordinate community efforts and to ramp up volunteer efforts. She's delivered, often with her own hands. Whether it was her and the Village Trustees shoveling snow in the winter to help residents, or working on a compromise on CRCSD issues, or recently coordinating efforts around the Village-- she and Cobleskill's active citizens been on a roll.

Mayor Holmes' strength is not so much herself, but what she has engineered to happen. Similar to efforts in Middleburgh, she has crafted a local government and various groups to work with the same goals in mind, allowing for a multiplier effect of time, money, and effort. She has actively sought out public opinion, fostered business development, and has done nothing for personal gain.

Mayor Holmes might be modest about her leadership, but the Village's actions leave nothing to be modest about.
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