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Letter to the Editor: Potential Terry Firing Inappropriate, Says Former Mayor

Written By Editor on 10/28/14 | 10/28/14

I would like to take this opportunity and express my support to the Times Journal in the Opinions section, titled, Convince Us Otherwise dated October 22, 2014. 

Although, Mr. William “Bill’ Cherry is behind this move to eliminate Alicia Terry and Sarah Blood, I feel his rationale lacks real depth. 

And yes, a majority of the Board of Supervisors must approve this action for it to implemented.

However, as a resident of the Town of Middleburgh, I know that Alicia Terry and Sarah Blood have been the ‘go to’ people in Middleburgh when seeking to relocate or start a business, information on economic development, and or grant funding. These are important functions they perform.

All I have seen are results from Alicia Terry and Sarah Blood in their work for the county. 
They have proven their value many times over, especially to the Town of Middleburgh. I believe, we are fortunate to have individuals like this working for us at the county level.

So, I encourage you to ask your Supervisor to convince you, the taxpayers, that politics isn’t playing a role in Mr. Cherry’s action. Soon, your supervisor will be voting on this issue.

So, James Buzon, Middleburgh’s representative on the Board of Supervisors, please let us know how you will be voting on this issue and why? 

Thank you for your time in this matter.


Gary Hayes
Box 45
Middleburgh, New York 121222
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Anonymous said...

Gary Hayes has been a buffoon in the past and it looks like the trend continues. Nothing worse than a frustrated politician that can't get elected to anything.

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