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Opinion: Anybody but Cuomo

Written By Editor on 10/21/14 | 10/21/14

There is much talk about the divide between Upstate and Downstate-- as there has been for ages. However, the divide between the two regions is at its furthest point under the divisive and combative administration of Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo promised to be a fiscal hawk and responsible administrator. He turned out to be neither.

- Governor Cuomo has waffled on the issue of fracking. He has upset both camps by not banning the practice. He has placed unnecessary risk to local ecology by not encouraging a ban. If he is to take a position, he should come out and do so, rather than stringing along those that support and oppose it.

- His draconian gun laws inadvertently made hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers into felons for owning guns they legally purchased. His pushing through of the SAFE Act violated both his campaign promise and the essence of the Second Amendment.

- His campaign against teachers and embracing of Common Core has upset both the teacher's unions and parents' advocates. His waffling over whether or not to strip teachers of privileges has enraged teachers, parents, and administrators while slashing education aid.

- His broken promises in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene have left thousands in the lurch. Cuomo didn't even properly utilize federal disaster funding until after it was clear that Downstate would not use it all to repair after Sandy. The administration of NY Rising and FEMA buyouts have been disastrous, rubbing salt in the wounds of people that already suffered catastrophic flooding.

- Cuomo disbanded an anti-corruption commission after it became clear they were investigating those around him. He has made the Albany culture of corruption worse, not better.

- Pushed for increased regulation that is further stifling business, especially Upstate. The whole region has essentially been ignored unless there is a photo op or fundraiser here.

Andrew Cuomo is not fit to lead New York State. Whether you vote Green, Republican, or write in Zephyr Teachout, you will find a better candidate.
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