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Budget Passes: Terry Demoted, Planning Department Split

Written By Editor on 11/22/14 | 11/22/14

It was a raucous meeting at the County Board yesterday, with the future of economic development one of the many topics fought over by a divided board.

So divided, that a minority of the Supervisors were able to pass the 2015 budget.

The passed budget was similar to that proposed by County Treasurer Bill Cherry. The largest bone of contention was what to do with the County Planning Department. In a compromise shepherded through by Cobleskill Supervisor Leo McAllister, several large changes were made.

  • The Schoharie County Planning and Economic Development Department was split between its two current functions. Current Chief Alicia Terry was demoted by the Board to become a Senior Planner and had her salary cut by $8,000.
  • Shane Nickle was promoted from Senior Planner to a joint Supervisor/Senior Planner position of the new Planning Department. 
  • Marketed Specialist Sarah Blood was eliminated from her position.
  • The proposed bus fare of $1.50 was reduced to $1.20.
  • There will be no salary increases for any Town Supervisors.
  • The tax rate increase will be slightly lower than originally proposed, at 5.06%.
Overall, the Board was bitterly divided. The final tally was:

- Yes: McAllister (Cobleskill 16.2% of the weighted vote), Milone (Schoharie, 11.0%), Barbic (Seward 5.5%), Manko (Sharon, 6.2%), Lape (Richmonville 8.1%), Jordan (Jefferson 4.3%), and VanGlad (Gilboa 4.1%). 7 Total, 55.4% of the weighted vote.

- No: Bradt (Carlisle 5.9%), Bleu (Wright 5.2%), Buzon (Middleburgh 11.8%), Federice (Conesville 2.5%), Smith (Blenheim 1.1%), Smith (Broome 3.2%), Skowfoe (Fulton 4.3%), VanWormer (Esperance 6.9%), and Vroman (Summit, 3.8%) - 9 Total, 44.6% of the weighted vote.
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Norie61 said...

Unbelievable! They did not terminate Mrs.Terry just took a small pay cut from a position she did nothing for.Yes she is no longer the Dept. head, but what a disgrace this Board is! Hey I want a job just like hers. Do nothing and still keep your job.Big deal she lost $8,000. Please remember this come November and vote these people out!!!

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