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Letter to the Editor: Nomination for the Schoharie Leader Award

Written By Cicero on 11/19/14 | 11/19/14

I would like to nominate Matt & Michelle Strobeck for the Schoharie Leader award. Matt & Michelle opened the fitness center FIT Coalition in Cobleskill about a year ago, in the wake of our other new fitness center closing. They are dedicated to promoting healthy living in the community, and have been a part of every health-related event in the county that I can think of this year, including charity 5Ks and charity Zumba-thons. Matt and Michelle also provide a free childcare service to their members, which has made getting fit so much more easy for Moms like me. They will go out of their way for anyone who needs help, and they provide a safe, fun, and friendly environment for all. I have struggled with my weight all my life, and since joining FIT Coalition early this year, I've been able to lose 20 lbs so far! I've never really felt like part of a community while working out at a gym, until I joined FIT Coalition. Matt & Michelle really give the community a comfortable, family-oriented atmosphere, where everyone always feels welcome, there is no judgment, and all members push, motivate and encourage each other. I'm just one of many in Schoharie County whose lives have been turned around by Matt & Michelle's constant drive to promote overall well-being and happiness. I think Matt & Michelle really deserve recognition and gratitude for improving the quality of life for so many people who may have thought at one time, "I can't."

 - Melissa Wick
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