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Letter to the Editor: Protect the Environment

Written By Editor on 12/8/14 | 12/8/14

Love Canal, Boston Harbor, Scintilla/Amphenol in Sidney, Railcon in Sidney, General Electric's PCB's in our Hudson River....billions of taxpayers' monies because of "brilliant leadership!" The companies DO NOT PAY FOR THE CLEANUPS!! We taxpayers do. How many times have I heard "NOT ONE SPILL IN PENNSYLVANIA!" What BS! Finally they had to reveal nearly 300 with the statement, "It might be more...Records are kinda loose!" Somebody gave us a beautiful Earth and gave us the choice on how to treat it, or destroy it. In India for centuries they have dumped sewage, chemicals and garbage into the Ganges River which they also bathe in and wash their clothes in. Oh and don't forget all the cremains dumped there...all in the source of their drinking water. "Leaders" have allowed that!" I am one of at least four in Otego Village who now have cancer. We all live next to cornfields which are sprayed repeatedly with RoundUp , which like carcinogenic fracking fluids by tractor trailer loads, go into each well. Stupid is stupid!...and not leadership! Our water, land, health and economies are in the balance. Greed is surpassing common sense, and giving the finger to The Creator!

Charlie Pierce
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