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Letter to the Editor: Lape a Poor Choice for Chair

Written By Editor on 1/9/15 | 1/9/15

Dear Editor,
Congratulations, or should I say condolences to Dick Lape on becoming Chairman of the Board. I see the voting went right along party lines, guess I shouldn't be surprised. But one has to wonder if the best person was chosen for the job or did Mr. Lape just have more friends on the board? Another reason why this taxpayer does not have any faith in this board. This just proves to me that they all put their political parties first and the people of the county second. I am intrigued by the new Chairman's comment. His number one priority is to protect the health and safety of our residents. Does that mean he is against the land grabbing pipeline companies that want to take our land and ravage our county to bury 30 inch pipes in the ground to transport volatile gas somewhere else? I'd say that might be a health and safety issue to all of us. Will Mr. Lape back up his words and stand up and fight for the people or will he remain silent like Senator Seward and Schoharie's favorite son Assemblyman Lopez? Again, I am not surprised, but unfortunately this is the way career politician's work. Why take a stance or come out strong against anything that might affect your future political endeavors. After all, the rich people behind the pipeline companies might want to donate money to campaigns down the road. If a political office is not in one's future, there could always be a job. We all see who John Faso is working for. He tried to become a career politician, but he couldn't make it. However, I'm sure he is being well compensated by the Constitution Pipeline.

Thank you,
Jerry Fiore
Summit, NY
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