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Letter to the Editor: Time for a Shakeup in Local Media

Written By Editor on 1/12/15 | 1/12/15

Dear editor,

As much as your publication seems mainly hinging on arrest reports and poor editorials, at least you publish letters sent to you. How many people in this county have seen their letters to the Times Journal thrown away and never published?

While we're talking about the oldest paper in the county, how many times do people need to get yelled at by their editor? The amount of business owners, public officials, and regular ol' people that she's cursed out has probably exceeded the subscription base. Well, at least she gets good pictures of people's behinds and half-filled parking lots from events. Makes you wonder what secret she has on old Jim anyway?

The Gazette doesn't seem to do much around here. The Mountain Eagle is useless. Any satirical crap from disgraced former kleptocrats is a joke (and not the way ol' Dan or any young former members of the Planning Department wants it to be).

So we the people of the county are seriously underserved. Maybe the Schoharie News can pick up its game. Maybe we can do something about corruption and local products. Maybe we should, considering not much is working now.

Richard "Halliburton"

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Unknown said...

It is ironic that the author of this letter (who prefers to remain anonymous) complains about “poor editorials” in letter so poorly written and uninformative as to offer no substantive information to the readers. The author from Summit apparently finds it clever to reference a drilling company while his neighbors face the loss of property to a pipeline owned by drilling companies. We know from previous letters that he likes pipelines and now we also know what he doesn’t like: the local press. Apparently he dislikes the Times-Journal and other outlets because they don’t print his letters. My guess is that his letters don’t meet even the most lax editorial standards and offer not a unique perspective on issues of interest but simply the complaints of someone who doesn’t feel listened to. He asks the Schoharie News to step up their game. I would like to echo that request and ask that the Schoharie News take a pass on letters like his that reduce commentary to phrases like “satirical crap.” There are plenty of articulate letter writers who can do better than that and the Schoharie News can do better by choosing them over anonymous crackpots with nothing to add. - Bob Nied

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