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Analysis: Admin Likely to be Passed

Written By Editor on 2/12/15 | 2/12/15

After over almost a year of near-continuous debate on adopting an Administrator to oversee the daily management of county government, Schoharie's Board of Supervisors are likely to take a positive vote on creating the position within the next couple of months. 

A thorough review of local news reports and video footage from a series of public hearings held on the topic reveal that a clear majority of elected legislators support making the change. 

While some, such as Broome Supervisor Bill Smith have flip-flopped on the necessity of adopting an administrator, others have slowly come around to support the once dead in the water proposal, including Chairman Lape and Cobleskill Supervisor Leo McAllister.

McAllister, with his 16.2% weighted vote share, is crucial to securing the measure's final passage. Add his support to that of Valley supervisors James Buzon and Gene Milone, and an administrator is all but guaranteed to be created in a final vote.

Although Supervisors have voted down the proposal in the past - by a lopsided 4-12 margin - new life was breathed into the measure with the creation of a study committee to investigate the positive and negative aspects of potentially establishing the position.

Several months of research resulted in a positive response from the five-man committee headed by Conesville Supervisor Bill Federice. Federice, now in his second year on the county board, has worked diligently to secure support for the still pending legislation.  
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