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Letter to the Editor: Consistent on Administrator

Written By Cicero on 2/17/15 | 2/17/15

To the taxpayers of the Town of Broome and Schoharie County:

I am writing to you to clarify my position on whether or not we need a county administrator. This is in response to a statement made by the Schoharie News that I “flip flopped” on my views on the issue.

In 2014, during my first few months in office, I stated several times that a county manager, administrator or executive was needed due to our dysfunctional county government. But as time went on I learned that was not the problem! I feel that we have good people and a good system in place for the proper operation of our county, but it is not allowed to work! If we create a new position for county manager or administrator we are forming more government with a large salary and benefit package that puts a greater financial burden on our taxpayers without fixing a thing, because it will not be allowed to work due to the current political climate.

A county manager will not be a magician, just a band aid over the underlying problems of a county that is being run by personal and political agendas, a system that does not have the best interests of the taxpayers and county employees at heart.

You need to be heard! Voice your opinion for or against a county administrator at a continued public hearing at the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors meeting on February 20, 2015 at 9:00 am on the 3rd floor of the County Office Building.

There have been several public hearings on this issue in the past couple of months and only approximately 50 people have been heard. I feel this is not enough of a voice to support a decision for the entire county. Please speak up! You might ask, for example, what would the county administrator do that the supervisors aren’t already doing? And also, where would the money come from to pay the substantial salary and benefits for this new position?

Truly Yours,
William M Smith, III
Town of Broome Supervisor
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