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Letter to the Editor: County Government is Broken

Written By Editor on 2/22/15 | 2/22/15

Thank You Supervisor William Smith for writing and clarifying your flip-flop on a county administrator. In your letter you also implored the public to attend the supervisors meeting this past Friday. You cried out, Please speak up! You must be heard! Yet yourself and Ms. Bleau missed work that day. I'm wondering do we still pay the supervisors when they're absent? It now looks like the county will be hiring a full time babysitter for the 16 toddlers. So the same group that just chose a chairman by voting right down party lines will now be entrusted to hire an administrator. We're supposed to believe they now will have the integrity and intellect to pick the best person for the job. This would all be laughable but we're paying for this long running mess. It's becoming more obvious with each passing meeting they cannot do the job they were elected to do. Gene Milone who initiated this future waste of taxpayers money has stated many times, we're just floundering. Shawn Smith Blenheim Supervisor says, It seems like we just drift from one disaster to another, not very assuring words for taxpayers to hear. Now because of the boards incompetence and the inability to work together the taxpayers will have to pay the price. Who knows what the final tally will be? This form of county government, the system in place is not working it hasn't for years. Failure after failure, mistake after mistake and the taxpayers foot the bill. We cannot do it anymore.The time is now for a County Executive elected by the people with this form of government every vote counts. As of now with this system my vote is useless. We have a 16 member board. I get to vote for one for one member to sit on the board that of course is who I vote for as my Town Supervisor to represent and serve my town at the county level.  This is one of my problems with this system.You see my Supervisor gets a free ride as he seems to run against someone always named unopposed That leaves us with no choice and makes it quite difficult to make a change.For someone to step up to challenge one of incumbents you would have to be a member of one of the major parties, even then you would have to get the approval of one of the 2 kings. It truly is a Good O'l Boys club.

Jerry Fiore 
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Norie61 said...

I agree with you, but everybody likes to piss and moan but nobody wants to make a change.The Good Ole Boy network is alive and well in this county. I would hope the good citizens of Summit would put a candidate up to run against the incredible incompetent Mr. Vroman, if they don't then they deserve what they get. As far as this new position created, it will be a local who will work closely with the other 12 stooges for sure.Hey isn't Alicia Terry looking for work? It will be more of the same, but we'll be paying a lot more for it.

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