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Letter to the Editor: Supervisors "Vaudeville Act" on Eminent Domain

Written By Cicero on 2/26/15 | 2/26/15

Dear Editor,

Another example of why this board and this form of government are not working for the people. After years of landowners being bullied and harassed by constitution pipeline, more recently threatened with eminent domain by big corporate lawyers. The supervisors have awoken from hibernation to put on a little vaudeville act for the public. After a song and dance routine they decided to pass a meaningless resolution opposing eminent domain. They were slightly out of step as 4 supervisors tripped over one another as they voted in opposition. No surprise to me one was Harold Vroman, who seems to be wrong on most things. Next comes the second act, the jugglers.  The board will be sending the resolution to Assemblyman Lopez and Senator Seward. I don't expect we'll be hearing anything from them. After all it's not a photo-op involving some ribbon cutting or one of them handing a check to SUNY.

Jerry Fiore   Summit
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Norie61 said...

No one is exempt from eminent domain, so the show of support was a farce!

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