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New EPA Regulations Would Ban Most Woodstove Models

Written By Editor on 2/17/15 | 2/17/15

For many in the area, woodstoves are a vital source of primary or secondary heat. The ample forests and thriving timber industry of Upstate New York provide a somewhat inexpensive and always available fuel.

However, for many residents dependent on the heat source this winter, things could change rapidly. The EPA is phasing in a five year program intended to reduce soot particulates in the air over the next five years.

After this period, all stoves will have to meet the following:

2.0 grams per hour for catalytic and noncatalytic stoves, if emissions are tested using cribs

Alternative limit: 2.5 grams per hour, if tested with cord wood; method must be approved

Within 60 days of the February 3rd decision all new non-EPA approved stoves must produce 4.5 grams of particulates or less. The EPA will allow all current woodstove stock to be sold through the end of the calendar year.

The EPA is also including an enforcement mechanism to ensure the rules are being followed. While much of this includes monitoring corporations regarding the output of their new woodstoves, there federal agency would directly handle violations by individuals.

It is estimated that 80% of current woodstoves would not meet the current regulation. While current stoves are not included for destruction, New York state is going above and beyond. The state joined with several others calling similar EPA moves inadequate and together are suing for more stringent regulations on outdoor and indoor wood boilers.

The lawsuit states that, "in rural New York counties, residential wood combustion is responsible for 90 percent of fine particulate matter pollition" and that such instruments are threats to public health.
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