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Opinion: DeFeo's Actions Unbecoming in Middleburgh

Written By Cicero on 3/25/15 | 3/25/15

We already know what happens when you place sixteen individuals around a table with the simple instruction to govern: constructive chaos. Although headache inducing, occasionally something gets done in Schoharie County; warts and all, we might add. 

(Don't get used to the praise, Supervisors; it is only to draw a comparison)

However, we have few words to describe what occurred at the March meeting of the Middleburgh Town Council, where Councilman Brian DeFeo stood before all present and went on a destructive assault against Supervisor Jim Buzon. 

Well, actually we have more than a few words to describe what we think of Mr. DeFeo's antics, but they would be too impolite to publish.

We understand that government doesn't always operate smoothly or on the complete unanimity of those present (we're looking at you, Supervisors), but proceedings should never reach the point of one official attempting to prosecute, sentence, and punish his colleague, let alone the town supervisor. 

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened in the Middleburgh Town Hall, with public officials and residents equally disgusted by the councilman's improper use of town business to coordinate his trial of Mr. Buzon on the supervisor's alleged misconduct. 

Whether the supervisor was guilty or not of the four charges brought against him, DeFeo's behavior was unbecoming of an elected official who is entrusted by the citizens responsible for his holding that position to conduct himself in a professional manner. 

By that measure, the Huntersland resident owes all of Middleburgh an apology. 

Furthermore, rumor has it that Mr. DeFeo is quietly organizing a campaign to challenge Mr. Buzon in November. Although it might be a bit early for election pronouncements, we can promise that the incumbent supervisor will have our vote if it's him against the town councilman.
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