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Second Annual Life in Schoharie Photo Contest Submissions

Written By Cicero on 3/16/15 | 3/16/15

Ladies and gentlemen, we have nineteen beautiful photographs submitted from all over Schoharie County to consider in the Second Annual Life in Schoharie Photo Contest. The winner and runner-up will be decided by the number of votes cast by our readers in our poll located on the right-hand sidebar. 

Readers have until Friday at noon to make their decision. The winner will be awarded a $20 gift certificate to Wal-Mart, with the runner-up receiving a $10 gift certificate to The Olde Corner Store. 

Goodluck to all of our submissions and goodluck!

"Beauty in the Hills"
Oorah/The Zone, Jefferson
"The Guarded Fort"
Christy Quinn, Cobleskill
"We'll Never Forget"
Mackenzie D. Hall, Cobleskill
"Beauty in Contrasts"
Aimee Lauterbach, Schoharie
"America's Breadbasket"
Sandy Cornell, Esperance
"A Nose Eye View"
Christian McCance, Cobleskill
"Barn in the Moonlight"
Shelly Bishop, Richmondville
"Valley Serenity"
Ron Forstell, Schoharie
"Winter's End"
Bobbie Borucki, Central Bridge
"Pasture Scenes"
Brianna Guckemus, Howes Cave
"Fall Delight"
Deb Roberts, Altamont
"Where Seasons Collide"
Michael Fahey, Howes Cave
"The First Snow"
Jeannie Jo Balogh, Lawyersville
"Mush, Onward!"
Vic DiSanto, Middleburgh
"Backyard View"
Kesha Haskin, Breakabeen
"Stunning Delight"
Lillian Johnson, Sharon Springs
"Summer's Flourish"
Joan Radliff, Richmondville
"An Evening Dip"
Joe Redmond, Cobleskill
"Staying Classy"
Dr. Best House, Middleburgh

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