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Study: Schoharie County has Mixed Overall Health

Written By Cicero on 3/27/15 | 3/27/15

Schoharie County is one of the healthiest counties in the Mohawk Valley, according to a new health survey published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. 

Calculating the overall health of counties nationwide, the County Health Rankings & Roadmap program looks at a variety of factors in determining their rankings for Health Outcomes and Health Factors, which Schoharie County receives mixed grades on.

Ranking number one for Health Outcomes in the Mohawk Valley and 14th overall statewide, Schoharie County receives good marks for both the longevity and quality of its citizens lives. Dominant factors include overall mental and physical health.

The same can not be said for Health Factors, which measures each county's health behavior, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment. Schoharie County dropped down to 33rd statewide, but only second overall in the Mohawk Valley.

Data for the study's findings were compiled using a variety of federal and state resources. The purpose of the rankings is to encourage a proactive approach to health related issues by county governments nationwide. 

For more information please visit the 2015 County Health Rankings for New York.
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