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Alicia Terry Sues County, Seeks Old Job

Written By Cicero on 4/1/15 | 4/1/15

Alleging that she was improperly removed from her position atop the Schoharie County Planning Department for her political beliefs, former planning department head Alicia Terry has filed suit against the county in hopes of reclaiming her job and status. 

Filing a request for judicial intervention on Friday, March 20th to initiate Article 78 proceedings, Mrs. Terry listed Schoharie County, the Board of Supervisors, and Senior Planner Shane Nickel, who has been the de facto head of the planning department, as plaintiffs. 

Removed from her position as Director of Planning and Economic Development with the 2015 budget's passage in December, Mrs. Terry was demoted to the position of Senior Planner under her former subordinate and current Lead Supervisor, Mr. Nickel.

The budget, which was approved narrowly by supervisors, was crafted by Treasurer and Budget Officer Bill Cherry and resulted in the fracturing of planning and economic development into two separate entities, as well as the elimination of several positions, Terry's included.

Head of the Planning Department for almost twenty years, Mrs. Terry gained a mixed reputation with the rise and fall of the Schoharie County Conservative Party, which saw its fortunes peak in 2011 with Harold Vroman's chairmanship and the leading role of Cassandra Ethington.

In addition to her role as a department head, the long-time official briefly served as co-budget officer with Social Services Commissioner Paul Brady and at one point oversaw the AECOM stream bank project in conjunction with DPW head Dan Crandall.

Mrs. Terry's lawsuit contends that, "The County abolished Petitioner's position and laid her off as Director of Planning based upon her political party affiliation and beliefs, in bad faith, and as a subterfuge to avoid the statutory protection afford to her as a civil servant."

Along with seeking re-appointment as head of the planning department, Terry is seeking damages and lost salary associated with her demotion from the position. 
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Norie61 said...

They should have fired her completely.Her suit has no merit and her attorney is just ripping her off. This lady has not done a thing for this county and should be grateful she still had a job.What ever happened to the Investigation the AG or Comptroller was supposed to be doing on her?

Anonymous said...

Norie61 you're right again. Alicia has never accomplished one thing, all the while collecting one of the higher salaries in the county. It has always been about politics she only got the job because of her father. In the end it will be the taxpayers getting screwed, yet again.

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