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Letter to the Editor: Milone Seeking Re-Election

Written By Cicero on 4/3/15 | 4/3/15

Editor's Note: Gene Milone is the Town Supervisor of Schoharie and is currently serving in his second term. He has defeated former Supervisor Martin Shrederis twice at the ballot box.

Dear Editor,

I write to inform you as well as the residents of the Town and County of Schoharie, that I will be seeking re-election as Supervisor of the Town of Schoharie in the November, 2015 general election.

While there have been some major issues addressed at the Town level such as flood recovery, assessment relief, the overturning of the Town's Land Use Laws by the Court, as well as budget difficulties, the Town has managed to address it all and will continue to move forward. There is still much to be accomplished as far as infrastructure is concerned, some of which will be funded by New York Rising money, flood mitigation efforts, economic development and my quest for a local grocery store. 

There are also a number of major issues at the county level to be completed such as the recovery effort at the county building, the rebuilding of a new jail in Schoharie and ongoing meetings of the flood mitigation coalition which I had a direct hand in putting together with hopes of mitigating flooding throughout the county. There is also the hope that the county will partner up with a local health care provider to put in place a skilled nursing facility, which I have addressed before, so we may meet the needs of our county residents. 

There must be an ongoing effort to keep in place a safe and prosperous workplace environment for Town and County employees, as well as an ongoing effort to prevent politics dictating the decision making process.

In closing, I wish for you to know that my interest and willingness to be a part of what yet still need to be accomplished is as strong as it has ever been. I remain willing to represent the best interests of the residents of the Town and County of Schoharie. 

Gene Milone, Supervisor
Town of Schoharie
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Unknown said...

While Gene Milone has been more engaged and more responsible than most of the other board members, his decision to support a watered down County Administrator was a substantive and strategic mistake, as the created position has little autonomy and likely to be ineffective in addressing the Board of Superior's many failures and lack of professionalism. Mr. Milone's close affiliation with Treasurer Cherry can also be concerning, particularly as it relates to Mr. Cherry's denied but apparent desire to protect his turf and avoid oversight. That being said, unless someone steps forward with more skills and experience I think Gene Milone is one of the few Supervisors who deserves reelection. -Bob Nied

Anonymous said...

I second the motion!
No one of our elected officials have done more than mr Milone in protecting our properties and rights to a clean lifestyle here in Schoharie.

We need more people like him to step up to the plate and lend a hand!

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