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Letter to the Editor: We Must Resist Additional Pipelines

Written By Cicero on 4/13/15 | 4/13/15

Dear Editor,

Once again the residents of Schoharie County are facing the possibility of another pipeline (Tennessee Gas) while the struggle continues to stop Constitution.  It is certainly time to recognize that not only are we being exploited, we are being abused as well.  If big energy was to have its way Schoharie County will become a corridor for pipelines and compressor stations.  While there has been some resistance to any more pipelines running through our county by some of the members of the County Board of Supervisors, it is time for a united front by all members to send a clear message to our representatives at the next levels of government as well as big energy. That we will resist all scheduled plans currently drafted to construct additional pipelines through our county.

The residents of Schoharie County are and will continue to be victimized by devaluation of properties, detrimental set back standards, scars on our landscape and eminent domain procedures placed against landowners not willing to sign easement agreements.  Our residents will continue to suffer the environmental impacts as well, caused by the very presence of any given pipeline and compressor station emissions all for the purpose of exporting natural gas.

While portions of our county continue to recover from flood devastation, the county continues to lose populace, creating hardships not only for business but an increase tax burden for those of us who remain.  We must recognize that the loss of populace is caused by the lack of economic development, flooding events, taxation and even the lack of additional skilled nursing facilities.  All made much worse by one pipeline after another eating away at the beauty and safety of our rural environment and at the ability of landowners to truly own and control what’s on their property.  While major specific issues are causing exodus, those same issues are serving as a deterrent for an influx of new residents.  While many of our upstate communities are suffering lack of growth, Schoharie County has a unique set of circumstances that must be dealt with.

I believe that collectively we must resist any additional pipelines.  Elected officials must stand up and be counted on this issue for we are duty bound to protect the health and safety of those we represent as well as stopping the long arm of government that is all too willing to reach out and take what individual homeowners have worked for their entire lives.

Gene Milone
Town of Schoharie Supervisor
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Anonymous said...

Thank You, Mr. Milone. Now we need to hear from the other 15 supervisors. Mr. Lape it is time to show show leadership, unite this board and fight this injustice. Don't let Schoharie County become an interstate for pipelines!

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