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Opinion: Time to Move Forward

Written By Cicero on 4/2/15 | 4/2/15

Alright, it's finally over. 

After fifteen months of debate, public hearings, and revised laws, Schoharie County will have an Administrator to oversee the daily operation of county government, albeit in a reduced form than we had hoped for at this publication.

We could spend the remainder of this editorial blasting the county board's decision making, but at this point in time - what difference would it truly make in the outcome of Tuesday's narrow vote? None whatsoever. 

Not only that, but we truly want whoever is the future administrator to succeed, because it is for the good of this county that they do. So why continue shrouding his or her future position atop the county pyramid over sour grapes.

Well, we wont. That's for sure. The same, however, needs to be said for our friends on the county board who opposed the amended version to either grandstand or on principle. We all must unite on this, or it is destined to fail. 

Treasurer Bill Cherry said as much when he stated that he has, "some doubts that any variation of the Administrator position can succeed in Schoharie County until both the public and the Board can find some common ground and joint consensus on this divisive issue."


This weekly editorial often condemns or points out the absurd in county politics, but we feel that at this time on this issue: we all need to be on the same page to not only move forward as a county, but to hire the right person to help steer us into that right direction.

As such, we would encourage both residents and representatives of the county to bury the hatchet and to heal whatever sore wounds exist due to the lengthy administrator debate, because from this moment forward the question is who will be in charge, not if. 
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