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One Year Later: Blenheim Remembers Felter

Written By Cicero on 5/19/15 | 5/19/15

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Blenheim - Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of former Blenheim Town Highway Superintendent Gerald Felter's unexpected passing, causing a wave of emotions and remembrance in the tight-knit community.

Serving as head of the small municipality's public works for nineteen going on twenty years, Felter had guided the township through several catastrophic events, including the 1996 flood and the devastation of Hurricane Irene in 2011.

Town Supervisor Shawn Smith, who had worked with "Jerry" for only four months at the time of his sudden and traumatic death, remembered him as a "mentor for me and a friend." 

Recalling the on the job training that he and current Town Highway Superintendent Dave Mattice had to go through after Felter's passing, Smith commented that "even now when Dave and I meet to go over a project to figure out the best way to approach it,  one of us often says: well this is how Jerry used to do it."

Mr. Mattice added that Felter would tell people to "bowl up" and that town and village highway superintendents across the county miss Jerry to this day.

Having recently remodeled the town park behind the Fire Department and Town Hall, Blenheim officials had only one person in mind when naming the beautiful creekside area: The Jerry Felter Memorial Park.

Felter was fifty-seven years when he died, leaving behind a loving wife and a community of heavy hearts.
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