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Voters Approve School Budgets by Wide Margins

Written By Cicero on 5/27/15 | 5/27/15

All six of Schoharie County's public school districts received a vote of confidence in Tuesday's school board votes, where budgets, buses, and candidates were on the ballot for area residents to consider. 
Middleburgh - With six candidates running for two seats on the Board of Education, Middleburgh Central School District residents had more than enough options to consider, but chose to stick with the incumbent school board members. 
Receiving 375 and 324 votes respectively, Becky Binder and Pamela Standhart were elected to serve another term of three years beginning in July. 
 Of the challengers, Michael A. Parker polled the best with 244, while Thomas N. Wargo received 126, Laura Arnwine got 106, and Doralee Mickle placed six with 94. 
Voters also approved the school district's $20.77 million proposed budget, 441-295, the purchase of a new bus, 404-334, and the sale of 3.2 acres of school property on Cotton Hill Road, 601-135.
 Schoharie - District residents overwhelmingly voted to approve the Schoharie Central School District's 22.38 million proposed 2015-16 budget, 308-137, and the purchase of a new school bus, 253-182. 
Mark Quandt and Bill Nuehle were elected to the Board of Education with 344 and 334 votes respectively. They faced no opposition.
Cobleskill-Richmondville - CRCS residents approved the largest proposed school budget in the county - $38.5 million - with over 75% of the vote. Residents also voted to approve the district's purchase of four large buses and two small buses by a similar margin.
Incumbent Board of Education members Melissa Bartlett and Dan Schulte were elected with ease, receiving 702 and 463 respectively. Challenger Justin Smith polled 359 votes in support of his candidacy.
Sharon Springs - Requiring the support of 60% of voters, the $9.3 million proposed 2015-16 Sharon Springs Central School budget received 165 votes in favor and 38 against, surpassing the necessary threshold by over twenty percent. 
Kevin Kutzscher was elected as a write-in candidate to serve on the school board. Mr. Kutzshler pulled in 95 votes, while another write-in, Steven Bade, got just 25. No official candidates were on the ballot.
Gilboa-Conesville - Just shy of 80% of voters approved the proposed Gilboa-Conesville 2015-16 budget at $9.3 million, the purchase of a school bus, and the election of Harold Mattsson to the school board.
Jefferson - Residents of the Jefferson Central School District voted 121-55 to approve their district's proposed school budget, 118-57 to purchase a new school bus, and 144 voters supported the unopposed candidacy of Peter Pochily to the school board.
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