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Small Business Focus: The Green Iguana Bistro

Written By Michael on 6/24/15 | 6/24/15

By Timothy Knight

MIDDLEBURGH - Opening just a little more than three months ago on the corner of Main Street and Wells Avenue, The Green Iguana Bistro has quickly become the place to go for fine dining in Middleburgh.

Owned and operated by Bob Stevenot and Eric Crater, the concept of a bistro had been thought of for years. However, that thought soon became a reality when Bob and Eric bought a house in the Village, and as Mr. Crater put it, "the opportunity presented itself with this building being for sale."

The long time home of the Middleburgh Library, the building had fallen into a less than pristine state, but that was a task well suited for Mr. Crater, who has worked in historic preservation for years.

With the building's layout fitting the couple's plan for the small and quaint restaurant they had envisioned, their work began immediately after they purchased the structure, and one year later, it was introduced to the public at large.

Modestly commenting that "so far it has been well received by the community," Mr. Crater sorely undersold the response of casual diners and food connoisseur alike to the bistro's opening, who have offered rave reviews of the atmosphere and dining options on social media and by word of mouth.

Featuring a wide offering of fresh and reasonably priced sandwiches, seafood, and burgers in the menu designed by Mr. Stevenot, who graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a degree in Culinary, it's not difficult to understand why there has been such acclaim for the new eatery's menu options.

Also receiving acclaim is the bistro's intriguing little green iguana that serves as both the logo and name of the establishment.

So why the iguana?

Crediting Bob with the idea, Eric said that it was based on their many travels to the Caribbean, where they had dinned at a restaurant that offered similar menu options and a friendly dining atmosphere. Coincidentally, it also featured an iguana that was green.

And although the iguana is unique enough, Mr. Crater said they, "just wanted to offer a diverse variety of menu choices that is different than what is in Middleburgh and that makes us unique as The Green Iguana."

Located at 104 Wells Avenue, the bistro is open seven days a week, offering new specials every day. Having just recently obtained its liquor license, beer and wine is now sold at the restaurant. To make reservations you can call 518-702-4264 or to find more details, including menu options, you can visit the bistro's Facebook page.
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