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County Inches Closer to Admin

Written By Michael on 7/1/15 | 7/1/15

By Schoharie News Staff

SCHOHARIE - Progress has been made in Schoharie County's search for an Administrator to oversee the daily administration of county government.
Stating "we made a lot of progress since we had our last meeting," Town of Conesville Supervisor Bill Federice, who serves as chairman of the Administrator Committee, informed supervisors on Friday that the Personnel Office has received nineteen applications for the position.

With Friday coincidentally being the last day applicants could submit resumes for consideration, the next step in the process is to convene the Community Stakeholder Committee that will assist in the interview process.

Organizing on July 13th to go over their role and to discuss an interview strategy for the applicants, the Community Stakeholder Committee will consist of a mixture of department heads and local residents.

Starting the following week, Mr. Federice said they are planning to start the interview process on Monday, July 20th through Wednesday, Jule 22th, after which an assessment and recommendation of the candidates to the Personnel Committee for subsequent interviews by the county board will be made.

The county board is expected to conduct its interviews of the final candidates by late August, so long as the timeline is followed as presently scheduled by Federice and company.

Appointed to the Community Stakeholder Committee is: Cindy Barber, Paul Brady, Gail Breen, Chris Claus, Randy Crasper, Mike Hartzel, Indy Jaycox, Ann Meyers, Kevin Neary, John Riedl, Barb Schaffer, Gail Schaffer, and Ron Stevens.
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