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Esperance Moves Forward on Town Projects

Written By Michael on 7/30/15 | 7/30/15

By Joslen Pettit

ESPERANCE - Last Thursday the Esperance Town Board approved several important municipal projects, including: a municipal sewer, restoration of Village of Esperance Firehouse Rescue Facility and Town Hall, as well as the Arboretum Shelter Emergency Structures.

These projects are all part of the continued efforts to rebuild the village as well as protect it from future flooding with help from GOSR, the new acronym for the New York Storm Recovery Resources Center.

The projects include the construction of a municipal sewer system for the Village of Esperance. Restoration of the Town Hall and the Firehouse Rescue Facility, which were both damaged. As well as the construction of emergency structures at the Arboretum. The Esperance town board unanimously approved supervisor Earl Van Wormer III to sign off on these applications. The town board were hopeful that these projects would help aid the community as they had done before and in the case of the new structures ensure their continued safety from heavy storming.

In other news, the Esperance town board:

• Discussed a possible tax raise after spending far over projected budget on snow removal in the town of Esperance over the last winter. The town board is reluctant to go through with the change, taking pride from being one of the lowest taxed towns in the county. However, if the coming winter proves to be as intense as the last in terms of snowfall the board may have no choice. Town supervisor Earl Van Wormer III voiced his reluctance to go through with the change, “No one could have possibly predicted we would exceed the money allotted for last winters snow removal, but we do have some options we need to consider before raising the taxes.” No changes will be made as of yet, as the board is hoping the coming winter may not take such a heavy toll on their budget.

• Appointed Robert Bensinger and Richard Benninger to the planning board as permanent members. This action was taken after two planning board members resigned.
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