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The Mayor's Nest, By Matthew Avitabile

Written By Michael on 7/17/15 | 7/17/15

Fitting for the July 4th weekend, the history of the Schoharie Valley comes into focus. Our reputation as the Breadbasket of the American Revolution is supported by our appreciation of our local heritage. Fireworks and barbecues are surpassed by our local commitment to public service.

So many Schoharie residents have given their lives to service in the armed forces and community groups. Perhaps the recent trials of our county's history: Irene, recession, and political dysfunction can reinforce local commitment to making our area a better place.

I'm reminded of the service that many performed since August 2011 to help their friends or neighbors. These hours and sweat dovetail well with the efforts of many EMTs and firemen that show the best our area has to offer. Many of our community groups are in need of young people to help build the next generations of public service-- I hope that the many examples of love of Schoharie County and its residents can help create such a brighter future.

Mayor Matthew Avitabile,
Middleburgh, New York
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