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The Schoharie View- Failure in Leadership: Part 2

Written By Michael on 7/10/15 | 7/10/15

Bueller? Bueller?

Like Ben Stein's monotone character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, we feel often as if we are repeating ourselves when it comes to expressing our sincere disappointment with the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors. Alas, someone has to do it.

Convening a special meeting on Monday evening to discuss the criteria that went into selecting Seebold Farms as the primary site for the relocated Public Safety Facility, supervisors ended up hearing from the residents of Schoharie for the umpteenth time on their opposition to the jail's location.

Even though yet another meeting had been scheduled for early July to hear the public's comments, we endured another round of the tired old platitudes from residents residing near the proposed jail site.

Bueller? Bueller?

It is not worth rehashing them here, because we all know them by now, but I do have a question for my friends on the county board: why?
Why did you first decide to become a Town Supervisor if you did not also intend to become a leader? Because right now, we don't have a county board of leaders; we have a county board of scared politicians that are willing to throw four years of hard work down the drain for the sake of appeasement.

Bueller? Bueller?

To reflect on another classic movie, there's a scene in the iconic film 1776 where the Clerk of the Continental Congress reads a letter from George Washington asking if there is anybody out there and if there is anybody who cares.

After years of writing these editorials, we feel compelled to pose the same questions to the county board: do you care about anything more than just keeping your job? We highly doubt it.

We do not know when or where the ability to lead died in this county, all we can do is mourn its painful and tragic death, because unless a drastic change occurs on the county board, such as the defeat of a majority of the incumbent supervisors, nothing will ever change...and the rest of us will have to deal with the consequences.

Bueller? Bueller?

- Timothy Knight,
Editor and Publisher,
The Schoharie News.
Tuesday, June 30th, 2015.
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Anonymous said...

The Seebold property is an excellent location for the jail and will be quieter than the trailer park just up the road. The only change will be the 24 hour lighting that's required, but the educated fools like the Colyers will probably have a huge issue stating it attracts foreign bugs into the swimming pool next to their "historically" significant house.

Kittie said...

The Seebold property is far from being an excellent location for the unnecessary jail. It is a residential area and the people living there have every right to be unhappy about it. The fact is that their property values are going to take a hit and the for sale signs are already going up. The amount of money being paid for this site is ridiculous as well. If it must be built, a non-residential area, such as the Zicha Road site would make sense. But there is little sense in politics in Schoharie County. Something smells rotten in Schoharie and the major players should expect to be punished at election time.

SJ said...

Like our politicians you couldn't even be embarrassed into doing the "correct" and right thing for your neighbors!

You lack respect not only for others but for yourself as's very clear in your response.

There always will be the same arrogant people; as yourself, that think they just know what's best for the rest of us here in the town of Schoharie.

We are the ones with the most to lose! "No skin off your nose"...right?

As long as the "rubbish" isn't in your backyard it's quite alright to take away the rights of other landowners.

These growing eye sores along our county highways and roads are replacing our once beautiful farms and manicured homes.

No one even bothers to enforce keeping the unattractive properties hidden from public view!

There is no life preserver being thrown out to our town in case you haven't noticed.

Perhaps you don't even live in this town which I feel would be safe to say. So who are you to have a say?

And these people whom just seem to know better than anyone else won't be happy until they run us all out!

Just where is your well thought out, positive solution about this situation for your fellow tax paying neighbors?

Where is HOPE!

As long as our politicians are collecting their huge salaries and benefits and get their "friends" to voice their own opinions then all is right with THEIR world!

Their "tunnel vision" has hurt us and dragged us down to become beggars and to grab any little scrap they throw us!

It's rare to find anyone; especially those that lived here all their lives, to stand up and truly fight for our rights to have clean air and water and respectable jobs.

They have beaten the people down!

In case no one is paying attention our farmers have been hurting for several years now with just the weather destroying their livelihood never mind those people (politicians and large corporations) that think the use of chemicals in controlled environments are better for our livelihood!

Who's out there helping them?

Yes, we need better leadership.

The "good ole boys club" has run Schoharie for too long...we need down to earth residents of no financial influences to run with the voices of the people being heard and not those out for their own personal gains!

In twenty plus years I've watched the people here suffer and be "labeled" by their own politicians...basically they refer to the people here in not so many words, "hard up" uneducated, not able to make own decisions, open to anything that comes along...that "we need jobs!" Even if those jobs pollute their drinking water and put poison in their air!

What they are saying people is that "we" are an ignorant, naive and overly desperate group of easily fooled and more easily bought group!

They think chemicals and farming in controlled environments are the way to go!

Imagine having a supervisor who makes out Financially off of pipelines or even possibly fracking later's going to be all about what they personally have to gain and not what the landowners have to lose!

It's already happening!

Those jobs that are being promised but will be performed by the experienced men and women from down south where these practices have been going on for years and where they have been working alongside these corporations for decades!

Again point taken...they take all of us for fools! Laughable in their eyes!

I certainly would love to see someone out there fighting for the right things for the right reasons.

It's apparent ...WE NEED A MIRACLE!

And YOU with your negative attitude towards the rest of us ARE NOT THAT MIRACLE...not even close!

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