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The Schoharie View: The Future is Bright

Written By Michael on 7/31/15 | 7/31/15

SUNY Cobleskill has gone through some tough times as of late.

This past May's commencement continued a worrisome string of graduating classes that have made their walk without a president of their own to congratulate them. Sure, there have been acting and temporary figures at the helm, but it is just not the same in a position where there has been a vacuum in leadership.

The good news is: this is about to change.

After almost two years of steady leadership by Doctor Debra Thatcher, who served effectively as acting president for the college, SUNY Cobleskill welcomed its first full time president since 2011 with the start of Doctor Marion Terenzio's tenure on July 1st.

However, as our own Joslen Pettit reported on July 7th, "Terenzio will be stepping into a difficult position as Cobleskill has a frequent turnover rate due to weak leadership."

Although I was admittedly excited to see the university welcome a new, full time president into the fold, it wasn't until I sat down with Doctor Terenzio last week that I knew the college had made the correct choice in selecting her as its new leader.

Blessed with a wealth of knowledge from both inside and out of academia, Terenzio was eager to not only further engage the campus with the community, which has been a short coming of previous administrations, but to expand on what the college already exceeds in on both the agricultural and liberal arts sections of campus.

Furthermore, in addition to the doctor's visible eagerness to begin her work, Terenzio surprised me with her desire to learn from others. Discussing the college before we began the interview, she took out a notepad and began scribbling down my suggestions and thoughts as we talked. Leaving her office, the impression that she is open to all trains of thought in moving SUNY Cobleskill forward, made me that much more invested in seeing her succeed as an alumnus.

Good impressions speak measures and the good doctor left me with a sense of optimism for the campus. However, with a staff of alums, students, and professors that have been engaged with that university, we will be watching her progress with great attentiveness.

Timothy Knight,
Editor and Publisher,
The Schoharie News.
Tuesday, July 21st, 2015.
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