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New York Times Profiles Coal Rolling

Written By Editor on 9/5/16 | 9/5/16

The New York Times is published in a very different culture than the average day in Schoharie County. Yet the paper of record published an article today regarding the common rural practice of rolling coal, or changing performance of a diesel engine to increase visible emissions.

Needless to say, their take is from an outsider's position:

"Sgt. Chris Worthington of the Montrose Police Department here is out to stop them.  
"You can hear those trucks across town, driving like idiots," he said on a recent Friday evening patrol.
The paper also cites that police are now being trained to specifically handle complaints about coal rollers. According to the Times there has been a stark increase of complaints across the country over the practice and New Jersey recently banned it. Violators could face a $5,000 fine.

Coal rolling has become more popular in Schoharie County, especially among younger people. If a current drive across town lines is any indication, it won't end soon.

The Times ends their article in a provocative way,

"The air sucks anyway," said Ben Poncher, who was drinking a beer next to the track, "Smoke's pretty. I like seeing it."
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