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ARC to Rally at State of the State Address

Written By Editor on 1/10/17 | 1/10/17

The bFair2DirectCare Coalition is planning to have a presence in Albany to rally outside the event.  Family members, DSP's and Executive Directors from ARC Chapters (NYSARC Chapters) and other service providers will be assembling to address the issue of the lack of  state funding to increase Direct Support Professional's wages- in a time when fast food workers are amongst the workforce seeing increased living wages that are paying more than voluntary service providers can for important, critical work and for supports that are critical to our most vulnerable--  people with developmental disabilities.

 Unlike private businesses who have the option to raise prices on products or reduce staff through automation, health care providers depend mostly on state funding to meet their payrolls. Voluntary service providers are seeing an alarming increase in staff vacancies and turnovers- because our staff are leaving us to earn higher wages at Fast Food industries and Stewart's, etc. Ultimately, this impacts greatly on those we support as well as they have no consistency in staffing and familial relationships, compromised access to vital supports and services, and it compromises their safety by not being able to meet the regulations for proper supervision in worst case scenarios.

You can find more information on this movement on the #bFair2DirectCare facebook page and NYSARC's facebook page as well. You can also follow the story on our site as well.
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