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Jail Plan in Peril, Third Site Added

Written By Editor on 1/20/17 | 1/20/17

Zicha Not for Sale, Cobleskill Says No to Water Extension

The County Board faced a large change in policy today after it became apparent that

Vice Chair Anthony VanGlad of Gilboa gave a report for the Buildings and Grounds Committee. He reported on the two potential jail sites. He said that Zicha Road is now unavailable and not for sale. He said that a property on Shady Tree Lane at the Nark farm is available.

According to Flood Coordinator Bill Cherry’s report to the Board, the Village would not approve the sale of water and sewer for the former Fire Training Site. He said that if the extension was eventually approved the total cost for annual water and sewer services from Cobleskill would be $223,000.

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Supervisor Larry Bradt said that utilities were already nearby and that it could work. Supervisor Federice said that the Nark farm was a “prime location by local standards” for the local economy. He said that it would make sense to put other development there, “not a jail.” Supervisor Federice said it was important to consider the “impact” of the jail’s location on other factors other than just the jail.

There are 128 acres on the farm and the County is looking for 33. Supervisor Phil Skowfoe of Fulton said that the County partially funded the Cobleskill line and that so far nothing but the Shad Point Stewart’s has come of it.
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Supervisor Dick Lape of Richmondville said that Shady Tree Lane “makes sense” and that Zicha Road would not work.

Supervisor Pete Coppolo of Middleburgh asked why when Seebold was considered, there was no effort to contact the Zicha Road owners since it was the secondary choice. “It seems like we’re going backwards,” he said. VanWormer said there were efforts that did not work because the owner was deceased shortly after. Coppolo asked how much the Nark Farm would be priced at. Chair VanWormer said that the owner asked for a price for the whole farm. “It’s ridiculous,” he finished.

Supervisor David Simkins of Broome said that any potential test borings would be expensive.

Supervisor Leo McAllister said that the Board should move forward to “get something done.”

There was a roll call vote to add the Nark Farm for consideration. The Board approved this motion with Supervisors Coppolo, Federice, Hait, Luniewski, Simkins, Vroman voting no.
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