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M&J's Cafe Reopens in Middleburgh

Written By Editor on 2/1/17 | 2/1/17

By Tyler James

Middleburgh heaved a sigh of relief as one of its key businesses reopened, albeit in a new location. M&J's Cafe is now located on Railroad Avenue, leaving its former location on Main Street.

The cause of the move was tragic. Owner and founder Michael Kossmann died unexpectedly last fall. Kossmann's family, especially his sister Fran, rallied to carry on. Faced with an ultimatum to pay a steep increase in rent or to get out, Fran chose the latter.

The current location on Railroad Avenue

"Mike was not only my brother, he was my best friend," she said. She described M&J's as Mike's dream, "his joy and his life," second only to his family.

A steady stream of patrons and wellwishers came to the new location, which was constructed quickly at the former location of Lerny's Gift Shop, owned by Larry Kossmann Nelson, Mike and Fran's brother.

Larry was optimistic, saying that his sister has "done everything to ensure that Mike's legacy will live on." While this was a new location, Nelson said that it immediately "felt like I was still at M&J's, priving that it doesn't matter where it is. It is the people that keep Mike's dream alive."

Village Trustee and regular customer Bill Morton and his wife Bonnie were excited about the opening, "We were so accustomed to going to M&J's regularly." said Bonnie, "It becomes a routine of your daily life." Bill said, "It's more than a cafe, it's a meeting place. It's an integral part of our community. Once M&J's was not available, we were at a loss."

The new interior

Fran Kossmann continued, "He enjoyed his customers and they loved him! He was an amazing cook, I have never met anyone that could cook with the speed and perfection Mike could."

She has a mission to keep M&J's open and successful because Mike, Larry, and herself always "knew it was to keep going for the family now and in the future."

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Kellie Rogers said...

So happy they are back open and can't wait to stop in for a great meal!

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