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Common Mistakes after a Car Accident

Written By Editor on 3/5/17 | 3/5/17

By Michael Ehline

While many drivers are careful, a car accident changes things dramatically. Even the most cautious driver can make rash decisions, especially if they or a loved one is injured. Often, the most desired aspect a crash victim seeks is normalcy. In other words, they just want their life the way that it was.

This can cause a number of issues. One is because of the way the insurance system works. Insurance adjusters' jobs are to be as discerning as possible with claims. This means that in many cases, companies toss out legit claims. Many insurance companies pressure their clients into taking the lowest amount of money possible. In others, bad faith insurers refuse to pay out at all.

Often these different concerns are caused by common mistakes made by drivers after a crash. One is to accept an offer from their insurance company without consulting their attorney first. Furthermore, some drivers do not document the scene of the accident. Taking photos and including notes from the scene establish what happen. Victims and their attorneys interview witnesses to get a fuller picture. In some cases attorneys work with accident reconstructionists to lay out the whole situation. All of these have their own place in the overall picture.

Many crash victims don't think far enough ahead. Often long term costs, including rehabilitation are ignored. Furthermore, many do not realize the trauma of pain and suffering following a crash. Many aspects of an accident cannot be fully realized until after. Thus, in some cases the family of the injured see a very different lifestyle. A skilled attorney helps reduce the chances of such tragedies.

Michael Ehline is a leading car accident expert. He writes this column for the Mountain Eagle as a means to better educate the public. Contact him at

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