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Accident Leaves Vehicle in Creek

Written By Editor on 4/17/17 | 4/17/17

On April 1, ECOs George Wilber and Nathan Doig responded to a motor
vehicle accident in the town of Franklin. The accident was originally
reported as a roll-over into the Ouleout Creek with four people in the
car. The ECOs were the first responders at the scene and determined
that all of the occupants were out of the car and the driver had
sustained only minor injuries to his hand that did not require medical
attention. However, the vehicle was located roughly 500 yards
downstream. The ECOs determined that the incident had occurred while
the operator was fishing. Due to poor weather, the other occupants had
remained in the vehicle while the driver fished, and one of the
passengers had knocked the idling vehicle out of gear, causing it to
roll into to the creek. The three passengers jumped out of the car
before it sunk, and the driver injured his hand while attempting to
stop the runaway car. The Franklin Fire Department oversaw the removal
of the waterlogged vehicle with no environmental damage to the creek.

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