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The Cost of Highway Safety

Written By Editor on 4/19/17 | 4/19/17

Many parts of safety on the road depend directly on the driver. Each person behind the wheel has a certain responsibility for themselves and those around them. Any distraction or poor judgement could create major issues for passengers and pedestrians.

There is a lot more at play than just driving skills and habits, though. On the one hand, risky behaviors such as drinking and driving, cell phone use, and distracted driving all play a role. Other issues include those that cannot be controlled, including the weather and light conditions. Construction and road conditions are each important issues that lead to accidents and issues. Altogether, these combine to possibly lead to problems down the line.

There is more on the table than just the obvious. Each part of the auto industry and those around it have roles to make our roads safer. Government agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, carry out intensive tests to manage safety for vehicles and drivers. Other agencies work their best to perform similar tasks. Even insurance companies offer special training for motorists and companies to reduce their own exposure to liability. Furthermore, these companies understand the risks involved for their policy holders and wish to avoid as many complicating factors as possible. It makes sense why they would want to do so.

Each issue has its own merits and drawbacks. In fact, these are some of the most common issues on the road regardless of age, geography, and driving experience.

When each part of the machine works together, the risk for the average driver decreases. Even if self driving cars enter into the market, the chance of fatal accidents going to zero is minimal. Regardless, there are a number of responsibilities for all those involved in the ecosystem that is America’s transportation network. What role do you play?

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