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The Role of Bad Faith Insurance

Written By Editor on 4/24/17 | 4/24/17

By Michael Ehline

When a driver crashes their car or slips at work, they expect their insurance company to come to their aid. Often insurance policies are expensive and cumbersome. The big insurance companies assure the policyholders of the ironclad nature of their contracts. However, when push comes to shove many are left out in the cold.

Bad faith insurance is a recurring problem for large and small insurance companies alike. However, the larger insurance conglomerates often have the legal resources to fight against their own policyholders. Many states have statutes against bad faith insurance, but they are often hard to prove. Furthermore, the recourse of fighting the big companies as the little guys is difficult. In fact, this is so difficult that many consumers simply give up.

However, accident victims should never give up without a fight. There are plenty of legal recourses available for them. Attorneys that fight for them on commission offer one option. This allows clients to get their time’s worth and only pay if they win the case. It also allows the attorney flexibility in taking on the big insurance company.

Each of these provide different ammunition for the consumer. Their policies often have lofty maximum values and promises the companies simply won’t keep. Understanding the fundamental issues in and around the insurance companies is one major step in the right direction. Having the right lawyer to fight on their behalf is yet another. Research consumer complaints against each insurance carrier before you choose one. You’ll be happy that you took the extra time. No policy is perfect, but the peace of mind knowing you’re truly protected is something that money can actually buy.

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