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C-GCC Dean's List Announced for Fall 2017 Semester

Written By Editor on 1/24/18 | 1/24/18

Columbia-Greene Community College President James R. Campion and Acting Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs Carol M. Doerfer have announced the President's and Dean's lists, respectively, for the fall 2017 semester.

The distinction of Dean’s List is awarded for a grade point average of 3.25 or higher. President’s List is awarded for a minimum grade point average of 3.75. A matriculated student, full or part-time, who demonstrates either of the above levels of achievement during any given semester, will automatically be placed on the Dean’s or President’s List for that semester. To qualify for these honors, the student must complete a minimum of six semester hours of college-level courses that earn quality points toward their GPA. The student must have no failures, repeats, or incomplete grades within the semester under consideration.

The following students have been named to the President's list:

Jennifer A. Giordano and Carlene M. Palmer-Palmateer, both of Acra;

Juliana R. Tatro of Ancram;

Sarah M. Mason of Ancramdale;

Jennifer A. Ames, Jessica A. Finnegan, Troy D. Lynch and ManDrake E. Vermilyea, all of Athens;

August J. Cuti, Erica S. Delong, Skylar E. Flouton, Alany Gomez, Shannon E. Murphy, Daniel J. Ott and Melissa R. Sangi, all Cairo;

Brooke S. Baum, Daniel P. Byas, Benedetto G. Calcavecchia II, Sidnee S. Centeno, Warren V. Graff, Truc Lien T. Huynh, Jake G. Jensen, Francis V. Kearse, Jason Li, Diana L. Lobdell, Jeffrey Macholdt, John H. McClung, Holli M. McLaughlin, Miriam Quintana Vargas, Isaiah Russell, Riannon S. Vincent, Aaliyah J. Warner, Angeline White and Anthony R. Williams, all of Catskill;

Valerie L. Hammond and Julianna M. Potter, both of Chatham;

Emily R. Foutch of Churchtown;

Mykel L. Blanks of Claverack;

Kiana Kipp and Lori Kipp, both of Clermont;

Katharine Fallon and Erin E. Sturgis-Pascale, both of Copake;

Amy E. Balint, Katelyn M. Bennett, Erika Y. Burke, Anthony J. Burnell, Jessica DelVescovo and Alli Kohlmeyer, all of Coxsackie;

Sara N. Repko, Craryville; Eric W. Von Schilgen of Cropseyville;

Timothy Leach of Delmar;

Ryan Ledee of Durham;

Julianna F. Sroka of Earlton;

Marissa N. Brevoort of East Chatham;

Katherine M. Byrne and Christopher J. Clark, both of East Durham;

Alicia M. Liuzzi of East Greenbush;

Monica A. Abreu, Kayla B. Duntz, Suzanne M. Morris, Tiffany M. Ogden, Jacob Provo and Andrew V. Romano, all of Elizaville;

Erin A. Crawley, Randall E. Schmollinger and Natasha D. Zacchio, all of Freehold;

Alexandria P. Braidt, Eliza M. Cort Watson, Alexandra C. Fingar, Tyler J. Hoffman, Gianna M. Mollo, Tyler Mortenson and Phyllis A. Normand, all of Germantown;

Kathryn R. Kraham, Rachel L. Nielsen and Victoria A. Zidel, all of Ghent;

Alexis Rivera and Gabriela Rosado, both of Glasco;

Kristopher M. Cafaldo, Thomas Ernst, Colin P. Menzynski, Ariana M. Messina and Gabrielle E. O'Neill, all of Greenville;

Randy J. Dunham of Haines Falls;

Allison E. Potter of Hannacroix;

Lydia W. Bjorkman and Nikita N. Bradford, both of Hillsdale;

Ellen E. Boothroyd, Lauren M. Bowes, Leigh-Ann Brash, Kindra Chiappinelli, Megan A. Clark, Jennifer D. Cukerstein, Roxanne P. Dancer, Brandis N. Dean, Joseph W. Everts, Nicole Florio, Rebecca L. Grey, Sarah H. Holbrook, Witness Joseph, Julie V. Klugo, Elizabeth Krikelis, Lauren N. Martin, Virginia Mueller, Amanda Mummery, Elizabeth T. Runyon, Deborah M. Tibensky and Ashley E. Vohrer, all of Hudson;

Erin G. Wilson of Hyde Park;

Alesha I. Brodhead, Patrick J. Donahue, Maria Iqbal, Jennifer Villa and Kayla Wesolowski, all of Kingston;

Fayline L. Williams of Lake Katrine;

Brandon C. Pinelli and Adrianna J. VanAlstyne, both of Leeds;

Gavin Colwell of Livingston;

Jeffrey B. Vining of Maplecrest;

Nichole K. Rosen of Marlboro;

Rebecca U. Therrien of Medusa;

Emily E. Hofstetter, Emily J. Montague and Kayla L. Simmons, all of Mellenville;

Rachel L. Arnwine of Middleburgh;

Jamie L. Peters of Middletown;

Samantha Fletcher of Millerton;

Michael J. Gubler and Olivia N. Shaffer, both of Nassau;

Katrina N. Kormanik of Newtown;

Tasceia A. Clarke of Old Chatham;

Skyler R. Bullard, Suzanne C. Cantelmo, Jessica L. Hill, Samantha D. Kulcsar and Shannon M. McNeff, all of Palenville;

Serena L. Race of Philmont;

Hoa T. Nguyen of Poughkeepsie;

Russ E. McCabe of Purling;

Morgan C. Bogardus and Carissa J. Van Alstyne, both of Ravena;

Catherine Gomm, Jessica L. Ljutich, Fawn L. Shaffer and Heather L. Stary, all of Red Hook;

Alyssa M. Martin of Rexford;

Ronny W. Burdewick, Nylah Interrante and Anne Schaffer, all of Round Top;

Christine M. Dempsey, Jake M. Grimaldi, Molly C. Speirs, Johna A. Valk, Catherine L. Wilson and Rachel A. Wood, all of Saugerties;

Lauren Scott of Selkirk;

Tyler Conley of Stanfordville;

Alexandra Mercer of Stockport;

Shelby L. Rideout of Stottville;

Mary J. Tracy of Tannersville;

Shakira A. Boel, Lynn E. Dougherty, Austin J. Haley-Berry, Tori V. Popp and Deisi Sola, all of Tivoli.

Alyssa A. Lawrenson of Troy;

Riley P. Werner and Casey S. Winner, both of Valatie;

Mark J. Randazzo of West Coxsackie;

Vanessa Abbinante of Willow;

Adam Pitt of Windham.

Student's named to the Dean's List include:

Andrew O. Chiesa, Russ Gray, April M. Reddington and Danel J. Rippel, all of Acra;

Jessica M. Houghtaling of Alcove;

Cory L. Chinn and Christina S. Musarra, both of Amenia;

Joseph A. Barnum Jr., of Ashland;

Dale Adams, Tamara S. Canelli, Jaclyn E. Chiudina, Cody J. Hall, James P. Murphy and Julianna H. Trombley, all of Athens;

Dylan A. Auger, Rebecca L. Biegel, Amanda L. Dudley, Maryann Dykeman, Michael P. Lupoli Jr., Michael R. Serrano, Patricia E. Skinner, Nina Sommer, Matt J. Ware and Jeremy R. Woodell, all of Cairo

Joelle Dean and Megan Grandinetti, both of Castleton;

Michael J. Casaregola Jr., Adrienne Clark, Jessica Coleman, Max S. Dancer, Chloe M. Edgington, Marisa N. Ewing, Kiayra M. Lee, Madison R. Leibowitz, Timothy J. Milano, Jessica N. Mungo, Ashlei L. Saldana and Mikayla C. Weeks, all of Catskill;

Elizabeth S. Ernst, Madison M. Ford, Aaron Kipp, Lily G. Schmitt and Alexa L. Wilson, all of Chatham;

Tate M. Dusenbery, Shane L. McNally and Melissa Nedwell, all of Claverack.

Sarah J. Juzapavicus and Dominick Tarsia, both of Climax;

Cheyenne L. Bosko, Hunter Goodacre and Mara N. Smith, all of Copake;

Tahira S. Ashraf, Elijah C. Chewens and Samantha L. Mccarten, all of Coxsackie;

Peter J. Campbell and Lisa A. Covey, both of Craryville;

Matthew Ballard and Sara M. Biegel, both of Earlton;

Kera D. Hunt and John Rohan, both of East Durham;

Austin P. Arsenault, Vilhjal Campbell, Samantha M. Lauria and Imani Maitland, all of Elizaville.

Daniella K. Weinschreider of Elmont;

Lucas T. Foster, Mary Jane Ientile, Logan J. Mead, Lily M. Palmieri and Alyssa N. Pasco, all of Germantown;

Joshua Battaglia, Melissa A. Davis, Mackenzie Finck, Schuyler J. Makas, Courtney Mashaw and Karly Rothvoss, all of Ghent;

Ravin S. Williams, Glasco; Krista Sabarre, Glenmont; David J. Phillips, of Gloversville;

Justine N. Albin, Kaela L. Koerner, Brie S. Statham and Madisyn Woods-Heath, all of Greenville.

Isaac H. Potter of Hannacroix;

Gurleen Cheema, Brittany L. Hay, Timothy J. Roberts, Tanya Schnackenberg and Brianna R. Van Alphen, all of Hillsdale;

Mohammad Basit, Caitlin H. Cowan, Nicole M. Cozza, Thao N. Doan, Evan M. Foutch, Louiedell S. Gargantiel, Michaela M. Gomula, Roberta J. Hapeman, Laura B. Hoysradt-Wheeler, Karen M. Hunt, Michael J. Ianiro, Widnick Joseph, Kimberlee Kinsman, Joshua P. Moon, Jennifer L. Moore, Brianna B. O'Leary, Olivia K. Otty, Erick H. Reyna, Ashli M. Riggins, Justin C. Smith, Stacey M. Smith, Emily G. Stone, Jennifer M. Taylor, Eliza M. Tkacy, Marguerite A. Vargas, Jason A. Vernon, Stephen R. Walsh Jr. and Jason H. White, all of Hudson.

John P. Tomaine of Hyde Park;

Haley J. Hickman, Justine M. Murphy and Phillip J. Proper, all of Kinderhook;

Africa C. Douglas, Rannisha Hagley, Kate Kristiansen, Sarah Malone and Anna K. Zuvic, all of Kingston;

Kelly E. Hunter of Lake Katrine;

Rhiannon R. Apjohn and Lyndsey A. Orin, both of Leeds;

Jared Rifkind of Maplecrest;

Rebecca L. Butler of Milan;

Beth M. Caddell, Klaudyna L. Graczkowski, Ashley L. Judson, Laura Kramarz and Morgan E. Moore, all of Millerton;

Chantelle Smith, Milton; Alysha M. Lauster, of North Chatham;

Matthew Cotton, Olivia L. Pagano and Eric W. White, all of Palenville;

Rachael C. Beaumont, Desiree A. Graziano and Cory M. Morelock, all of Philmont;

Linzey Pugliese of Port Ewen;

Karam Sawaqed of Poughkeepsie;

Amanda C. Atkinson of Preston Hollow;

Sabrina L. Maynard of Purling;

Neville A. Tonge and Melanie Zelno, both of Ravena.

Tracy M. Beers, Olivia D. Bernard, Altaira M. Calen, Katie J. Drummond Andrew M. Guerrino, Alexandria Jerro-Greco, Christopher J. Kahle, Marist Parr, Katherine M. Quirk and Gabrielle N. Reath, all of Red Hook;

Dana Bell, Lorna E. Kessler and Kristen L. McGilvray, all of Rhinebeck;

Carmine J. Galtieri of Round Top

Kailee E. Cornelison, Madelyn Duvall, Anthony R. Fabiano, Nathaniel R. Lewis, Kiara R. Petramale, Lauren E. Rexford, Daniel M. Sachar, Ashley J. Vernon and Rosemary Whitaker, all of Saugerties;

Amanda M. Bowman of South Westerlo;

Sara S. Altomer, Stockport; Daniel J. Repko and Michael J. Rice, both of Stuyvesant;

Tawni L. Vanamerongen of Surprise;

Sean M. Berry of Tivoli;

John C. Welch Jr., of Ulster Park;

Kathryn S. Carpenter, Catherine L. Leonard and Sarah J. Shook, all of Valatie.

John D. Bougourd of Vernon;

Nicole M. Richards of Wassaic;

Amy G. Batza of West Coxsackie;

Michelle G. Soffos of West Hurley;

and Jordan T. Akey of Wingdale.

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