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Whittling Away: A New New Year

Written By Editor on 1/1/18 | 1/1/18

Goodbye to the old year, hello to the new one.  It’s a good thing that at this time of the year we get a “Do over”.  2017 is about worn out.  It had its good moments but they were overshadowed by a whole bunch of bad ones.  Hopefully we’ve learned how to avoid or at least smooth out some of the rough spots. One of the things that I don’t look forward to is making resolutions.  I don’t fully understand this or why we do it except that it’s a law or something.  My first resolution for 2018 is to make new resolutions.  I will admit that for years I’ve just recycled the ones from the year before.  I’m going to make new resolutions mainly because the old envelope I wrote them on many years ago is so worn and wrinkled that I can no longer read them.  I think I’ll start my list with the ever popular ‘lose weight’. That’s probably the leading resolution among our steadily widening population.  In the beginning of the year, it’s hard to find Kale, spinach or anything green and healthy in the produce aisle at the market.  Gym membership rockets up, sales on running shoes go through the roof and you can’t find a pair of yoga pants in any store. This dearth of healthy things usually doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks.  Pizza sales go back up and the junk food aisles fill up once again and ‘lose weight’ stays at the top of next year’s resolution list. 

Making resolutions is tough at my age.  A good resolution should improve your life or make you a better person.  At my age, I’ve outlived most of my bad habits.  Wild women and fast cars have lost some of their appeal, my alcohol consumption last year was two glasses of wine and a bottle of beer, the only vice I’ve got left is my old pipe and I don’t intend to give it up.  I should read more and watch TV less, that’s a good one.  I’m getting a new hip January fifth so maybe I’ll take up ballet although I’m not sure if ballet shoes come in size 13.  I think I’ll resolve to spend more time with our new pup, Telly.  That won’t be a hard resolution to keep, he’s so darn cute.  It’s like having a three year old around the house and now I‘ve got time to enjoy the antics of a three year old, time I didn’t have when my kids were that age.  Another resolution I’m going to make is to show the Queen more attention, tell her how much I appreciate the things she does to make our life better and remember to tell her how nice she looks and remind her how talented she is.  Another resolution would be to make myself a kinder gentler human.  Again at my age, not a hard resolution to stick to.  Life keeps getting better because I’m taking time to appreciate the small things around me, things that are easy to overlook during the busy years.  There is so much that’s beautiful around us and my main wish for the New Year is that you have the time to see and appreciate it.

     Thought for the week—Resolution in a bad cause is called stubbornness; stubbornness in a good cause is called resolution.

     Until next year, may you and yours be happy and well.


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