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Beef Box Specials at Heather Ridge

Written By Editor on 2/18/18 | 2/18/18

In-store Special! Just two more weeks! This saves you money, and we improve our winter cash flow! For February, we are offering two beef boxes:
The Ground Beef Box has 15 pounds of our all grassfed and grass finished ground beef, for just $100 (about a 25% less then the regular price).  Think meat loaf, meat balls, hamburgers!
The Winter Beef Sampler Box has a mix of cuts great for winter cooking! Beef stew, shanks, short ribs, brisket or bottom round roast, an eye round roast and ground beef. This box is $150, and is also around 25% less then the regular price.
You can order either or both boxes, or more than one of either!  Please contact me to reserve your boxes so we can get them ready for you. You cannot order this in-store special through our website.

If you are a member of our CSA, you can take an additional 5% off!  (Want to know more about our meat and poultry CSA? Click!)

Coming up: In March, we will offer a Pork Box, and in April will offer a Chicken Box.

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