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Bushel Collective and Black Sun Lit Present Moina Pam Dick & Steven Seidenberg

Written By Editor on 2/18/18 | 2/18/18

Saturday, March 24, 2018
84 Main Street, Delhi, NY 13753
7 PM

Delhi, NY — Steven Seidenberg (San Francisco) and Moina Pam Dick (NYC) will read in celebration of Seidenberg’s new book, Situ, just out from Black Sun Lit. Jared Fagen (Arkville), BSL’s editor, will guest host. Books by both readers will be available.

STEVEN SEIDENBERG is the author of Situ (Black Sun Lit, 2018), Null Set (Spooky Actions Books, 2015), Itch (Raw Art Press, 2014), and numerous chapbooks of verse and aphorism. His collection of photographs, Pipevalve: Berlin, was released by Lodima Press in 2017. He has had solo shows of his visual work in various galleries in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. He is co-editor of the literary journal pallaksch.pallaksch. (Instance Press) and curates the False Starts reading series at The Lab in San Francisco.

MOINA PAM DICK (aka Misha/Gregoire/Mina Pam Dick et al.) is the author of this is the fugitive (Essay Press, 2016), Metaphysical Licks (BookThug, 2014), and Delinquent (Futurepoem, 2009). With Oana Avasilichioaei, she is the co-translator of Suzanne Leblanc’s The Thought House of Philippa (BookThug, 2015). Her writing has appeared in BOMB, Fence, The Brooklyn Rail, and elsewhere, as well as in the anthology Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (ed. TC Tolbert and Trace Peterson, Nightboat Books, 2013). Also a visual artist and deinstitutionalized philosopher, she lives in New York City.

Bushel—a project of If / Then Inc., a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization—is a volunteer-led, mixed-use storefront space dedicated to art, agriculture, and action. Located on Main Street in the Catskills town of Delhi, NY (pop. 5,117), Bushel is an experiment of mixed usage in a low-population density area, offering a space for gallery exhibitions, performances, screenings, discussions, meetings, co-working, classes, and other as-yet unforeseen uses. Inspired by both traditional rural meeting places and nontraditional storefront experiments, Bushel is open-ended, promising nothing but hoping for more.

Black Sun Lit is a print and digital literary press that endeavors to introduce, promote, and support both emerging and experienced authors whose work has little representation—or minimal exposure—in a reading world largely governed by commercial publishing. Based in Brooklyn and Arkville, NY, Black Sun Lit proposes a renewed aestheticism that values beauty—not communication or representation—as the end of literature, and publishes prose, poetry, essays, and works in translation that demonstrate a sensibility for the avant-garde.

Situ is a hesitant unfolding of demise, a text that occupies the interstices between diegetic, philosophical, and poetic discursive timbres. From this tension—which finds form in an indeterminate subject’s relationship with a bench, his anguished site of rest and motion—the subsequent flux at the center of the narrative voice facilitates a kind of epistemology of volition that both proves and parodies the necessity of the philosophical system for a narrator whose instability gives such exploration its emergent poetic urgency. In the wildly despairing and circular machinations that ensue, this attempt at “thinking thinking” moves in and out of the body of the thinker it observes, displaying a devastating picture of the paradoxes at the basis of all representation, whether willful or inadvertent, an aesthetic act or a causal order inferred through polemic and reasoned pursuit. Situ is Seidenberg’s signature style raised to the next level, an accomplishment that calls to mind the literary contributions of Blanchot, Bernhard, and pre-impasse Beckett.

To engage with the narrative flow of Steven Seidenberg’s Situ is to pass through the looking glass of consciousness into a seriocomic world of “mnemonic throes” and “the null of place...”
—Michael Palmer, author of The Laughter of the Sphinx

Steven Seidenberg has confected a stanza out of trains of thought that falter as explanation turns on itself too many times to grasp...Situ is the fruit of the philosophical quest: a horror of the body—“face flush with the rancid muck that covers his cadaver”—and the rational mind in its infinite regress.
—Robert Gl├╝ck, author of Jack the Modernist

A feat of extreme smarts, folding in iterative density and intense decay, Situ does philosophy as labyrinthine lit...Its intestinal yet Latinate formalism, its agonistic wit and ruinous wonder, its keen bent for passivity, would make Beckett chortle, Husserl mull, Descartes nod, Spinoza correspond, Melville wax fanciful. An original, gutsy book.
—Mina Pam Dick, author of Delinquent

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