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County DPW Official, Schoharie Councilman Arrested

Written By Cicero on 1/4/19 | 1/4/19

County DPW Official, Schoharie Councilman Arrested
By Timothy Knight

Two Schoharie residents with significant positions in local government were arrested over the past twenty-four hours as part of a New York State Police investigation.

Investigators based out of the Latham Troop G barracks arrested Benjamin Cooper, age 45, on multiple felonies on Thursday, January 3rd. 

Mr. Cooper, who is a Public Works Administrator in the Schoharie County Department of Public Works, was charged with Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 4th Degree, Falsifying Business Records 1st Degree, and Conspiracy 5th Degree, with the last of the charges being a misdemeanor. 

Additionally, James P. Schultz was arrested on the morning of Friday, January 4th, when he surrendered himself to State Police. Mr. Schultz, age 37, is a member of the Schoharie Town Board and he was charged with Conspiracy 5th Degree. 

According to a press release issued by the State Police, the arrests stem from an investigation which began after a former tenant of Mr. Schultz reported that his vehicle was missing to the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office.

After further investigation, the vehicle was located in a local scrap metal yard in the City of Albany. The Schoharie County Sheriff's Office turned the case over to the New York State Police Investigators in Latham.

Both men were issued appearance tickets to appear in the City of Albany Court on Thursday, January 17th, 2019.

Mr. Cooper, whose son Cody serves on the Schoharie Town Board alongside Mr. Schultz, was named the 2018 Schoharie County Republican of the Year in May. 
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Unknown said...

Keep in mind that this individual is in charge of the county MOTOR VEHICLES & equipment which includes a large budget...I would say this is def a conflict. He should resign.

Toni said...

After working there I could tell you stories that would make your head spin

Slackeyed said...

Corruption in Schoharie is still alive and well. This is the quality of public servant you can find in this small area.

Nnnnnnn said...

I think they should look back at the public auctions of the vehicals they tampered with so there buddies could buy as not running..

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