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Delgado Holds Town Hall in Arkville

Written By Editor on 11/29/19 | 11/29/19

By Brian Sweeney

Congressman Antonio Delgado held this 30 th town hall meeting of the year when he spoke to a
gathering of constituents at the Union Grove Distillery in Arkville on Saturday, Nov. 23.
Approximately 75 community members turned out to hear Rep. Delgado give an update on his
work as a freshman in New York’s 19 th Congressional District.

Rep. Delgado explained that his number one priority has been traveling throughout his far-
reaching district and listening to concerns from citizens and using that feedback as the basis
for developing legislative priorities. The Congressman recalled asking Chris Gibson, who
previously represented the district, how he managed to achieve a strong reputation and
considerable bipartisan support. He learned that being “accessible and accountable” were the
key traits to bring to the position. Rep. Delgado said he always tries to emulate Rep. Gibson in
his outreach efforts.

In his opening remarks, the current Congressman told the audience at Union Grove that he
was pleased that the Family Farmer Relief Act, his first sponsored bill, was signed into law in
August. This legislation streamlines the process of Chapter 12 bankruptcy reorganization for

Top issues

Rep. Delgado also outlined some of his other primary legislative concerns during his first year
in office. He cited his support for two bills involving broadband and cell service expansion to
rural areas; proposed legislation that would allow sole proprietors to deduct health care
expenses; a bill to lift the cap on paying for drugs used to treat opioid dependency; and
legislation that would ban pharmaceutical companies from contributing to Political Action
Committees (PACs).

In addition, the Congressman touched upon two other priority legislative proposals he
supports: the Medicare-X Choice Act legislation that would create a public option health plan
available for purchase by individuals and small businesses; and the Green Jobs Opportunity
Act that would provide training for renewable energy sector jobs.

He also addressed the ongoing inquiry and hearings that will likely lead to a formal House vote
to impeach President Trump.
“I was not out there pushing for impeachment from Day One