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The Prattsville Scoop by Abby and Gabby

Written By Editor on 11/26/19 | 11/26/19

PRATTSVILLE – We had snow on Sunday and love it.  Once you retire or only need to travel as you desire, snow is great.  You can spend the day at home, snug and warm, and watch the world become encased in snow.  We certainly hope it is around for the Christmas holiday.

On Saturday, November 30, 10 AM – 3 PM, the roads should be free of snow by then, take the day to attend the 7th Annual Craft Fair sponsored by the Greene County Women’s League for Cancer Patient Care t the Red Rooster Roadhouse, 851 Main St. Cairo. There will be vendors, food and raffles for all your wants.  Importantly, the proceeds benefit Greene County cancer patients.  It is a very good cause.

The Gurleys are starting the annual Christmas Celebration for hospitalized veterans at Stratton VAMC.  This will be the 16th year that the program has been providing a very Merry Christmas for the veterans on the 9th Floor, Long Term residency, approximately 50 veterans plus supplies for Recreation and Therapy, in-patients, out-patients, Adult Day Care, food pantry, homeless veterans, clothes closet and special needs and needy veterans.  The wrapping of these gifts will take place on Sunday, December 15, 1 PM, at the Gurleys, and delivery of the gifts will be on Sunday, December 16, leaving Prattsville at 8:30 AM.  If you are interested in contributing, donating, wrapping, delivering, etc., please call the Gurleys at 518-299-3219 or  This program is under the auspices of the American Legion Virgil E. Deyo Post 1327 and American Legion Auxiliary Virgil E. Deyo Unit 1327.  Veterans please note: Privileges for Commissaries and Exchanges are now available to ALL veterans.  Check it out.  Also, in our area, if you know of veterans and/or veterans’ families in need of assistance, please get in touch at 518-299-3219 or   Veterans, you served now we want to serve you.

Andrew Rikard has been deployed overseas since May, 2018, and is approaching his second Christmas there with no return home visits in between.  His team continues to be headquartered in Germany between missions. His next return home is not presently scheduled. His address is Sgt. Andrew Rikard, CMR 405, Box 6882, APO, AE  09034.  Andy, as with all our active military, would enjoy a holiday card, a note of encouragement and appreciation or just a “we are thinking of you” letter.  Andy dad, David Rikard of Prattsville, is very proud of his son, as we all are, and we send Andy our thanks. 

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Kip Rikard is back from his trip to Texas for boar hunting.   Kip was lucky or good enough to get a boar.  They are a menace in the southern States and are glad to get rid of them.  While on the trip Kip got to visit Great Bend National Park and see the highest bridge in the world.  It is a custom to throw a stone from the bridge in someone’s memory.  Kip took part in this custom.  He enjoyed seeing the various sites that part of the USA has to offer.  Kip has not lost his sense of wonder and enjoy his dialogue of his travels.  Kip traveled with a friend from Jefferson and visited the daughter and son-in-law.  Kip did admit the flight from Philadelphia to Albany was kind of bumpy.  He arrived home on Friday and Sunday visited the River Casino all by himself.  He admitted that trip was kind of bumpy with the snowstorm.  Some men just never slow down.  Keep going Kip.

Steve and Erin O’Hara Meyer are in from Minnesota for Thanksgiving for the annual family dinner.  Erin and sisters, Ann and Mary, will bring Mom Betty home from the nursing home for the family dinner and get together.  Heard Mary was hunting for some new dinner ware now that she is in residence in her family homestead.  After Mary’s health scare, we are just glad she is around.

Mary Krueger is probably trying to recover from her house full of guests for the past weekend.  Family members and hunters kept her on the run for quite a few days.  Even though overworked, Mary still was smiling and having fun.

Heard from some local people that they have discovered the Prattsville Tavern’s pizza and fantastic sandwiches.  They now make a point of eating there once a week.  We know what they are talking about.  Good for Ken and Allie.

Happy Birthday to Joe Baker on December 1.  On December 3 we send Happy Birthday wishes to Ronnie Cline.  Katie Lindley in West Virginia is wished a Happy Birthday on December 4.  December 5 it is Happy Birthday wishes to Jane Concato.  December 6 is a big day for all the following celebrants – Connie Lane, Julie Hoyt, and Janelle Maurer.

Julie Hoyt was the winner of the hot tub raffled off by Post 1327, Prattsville, and she said she is holding off installing it for the time being.  Wonder why?   

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