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WZPK TV 29 Launches & WYBN TV 14 Expands to 2.1 Million More Viewers

Written By Editor on 8/1/20 | 8/1/20

WRNN ( aka WTZA ) have been off air & gone from local airwaves in the Hudson Valley for many years ,

but as of Friday 7/31/2020 the Hudson Valley has local TV service &  ownership again.

WZPK Ch 29 commenced broadcasting on UHF Channel 29 from Sam's Point in Ellenville, NY.

WZPK will carry all 8 channels of WYBN TV 14 based in Windham NY.

Both stations transmit at 15,000 watts ERP with Circular Polarization from mountain tops. WZPK from Sam's Point & WYBN from the Helderberg Mts above Albany.

Mountain top tower sites help guarantee that a TV facility is receivable by the MOST viewers.

The programming is 8 channels of Diginets from WYBN.  The nets are as follows.

Channel 14.1 (29.1)  Buzz'r TV

Channel 14.2  (29.2) COZI TV

Channel 14.3 (29.3)  This TV ( MGM Movies )

Channel 14.4 (29.4)  France 24 News ( English version )

Channel 14.5 (29.5)  Rev'n

Channel 14.6 (29.6)  Retro TV

Channel 14.7 (29.7) Action TV

Channel 14.8 (29.8) Newsnet ( Domestic News on a wheel format )

Local programming is 24 hours of two news services.

Custom Ski reports from November thru March .

Custom Weather Reports both 30 & 60 seconds of reports on the Catskills to Albany.

These will expand to include the Mid Hudson Region.They air every half hour across all  8 diginets.Other local shows are aired as deemed relevant & timely.

The facilities are owned by two entrepreneurs who share a love for TV & broadcasting.

Mr. Frank Cospidas of Intrique TV based in Ct. and Dan Viles of Cable Ad Net NY Inc & WYBN TV 14 based in Red Hook & Windham NY.

Intrique TV will be launching two other UHF TV channels this summer / Fall in the Hudson Valley.

WYBN TV 14 will be adding more diginets this late fall.

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