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Streaming Shows … the New Reality of “Live” Music

Written By Editor on 9/3/20 | 9/3/20

For those of us on social media it seems we have seen everyone and their brother show us their musical talents, even if its in pajama bottoms from their sofa. For professional musicians this is not exactly the path they expected their music careers to take. 

Over the past several months seasoned musicians have offered-up everything from live shows in home studios, to rebroadcasting of past performances. Jorma Kaukunen, of Jefferson Airplance and Hot Tun fame, Neil Young and Michael Franti are just a few who offer free weekly live performance where you can join friends in an online watch experience. Most streaming services shows offer a live text chat where fans can show appreciation and join in discussion during the broadcast. 

Though these shows can be watched anytime there is a sence of community when watching with an audience, at the same time. If you are a fan of live music, streaming shows is the current reality of how you’ll be seeing it. Streaming “live” music is just that, it’s a live show and you are seeing it as it happens. Venues are also jumping on that band wagon. Established music venues offer an environment for bands to perform, live on a stage, with the ability to control sound and lighting for a quality viewing experience. 

Promoters, band managers and venue operators have been working with ever-changing calendars, with the hopes that there would be a return to business as usual. The Bearsville Theater in Woodstock had planned to open its door this Spring after new owner Lizzie Vann and her team completed major renovations on the legendary Bearsville property. As with many area establishments the Theater has been able to offer a bit of music outdoors, but nothing like the major live performances which have been held there in the past. 

The American Nomads band hailing from Brooklyn, NY was slated to be one of the theater’s inaugural shows. Their performance is now going to be live streamed September 12 from the stage of the Bearsville Theater. For the band, they are back on stage together, for those of us who miss shows, this is our chance to go, — online. Nomads, who performed at the Bethel Woods’s Woodstock 50 anniversary last year, will be joined by Sweet Marie, a talented duo of two sister who always capture hearts when they take the stage! Susan Darmiento vocalist with American Nomads says, ”We are so excited to be on stage performing again! We'll be playing to the cameras instead of the audience, but we'll still feel their energy through the lens."

This is an excellent opportuity to give live streaming a chance. 

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